• Event Timing

    • Track and Field
    • Cross Country
    • Road Racing
    • Triathlon
    • Cycling
    • Rowing
    • Speed Skating
    • Horse Racing
  • Event Management

    • Event Timing Solutions can handle any event from top to bottom or we can handle only specific areas where you may need some assistance.
    • Over the years we have handled events with hundreds of participants to events with thousands of participants. No event is too big or to small!


    • Event - If you are starting an event in need a little help, Timing Inc. is here to help you. We can help as much or as little as you may need.
    • Facility – When designing your facility you need to keep in mind how your layout could impact the timing and flow of an event. We can help you with that part of your design.

    Event Promotion

    • Event Timing Solutions is in the process of developing several events for track & field and road racing. More to come soon….

    Facility Management

    • We also jumping into the world of facility management. We can help you maximize your facility usage and promote events best suited to generate revenue for you and your community.
    • Event Timing Solutions can come in and make sure your facility is profitable.